9-year suffers severe injury Being Hit By Car at Bogibeel


In a heart wrenching incident a young boy was knocked down by a car at Bogibeel bridge on Thursday. The driver of the car could be seen filming his journey in Bogibeel  bridge when the child got knocked by the speeding vehicle.

The boy has been identified as Saurabh Moran of Tinsukia’s Baghjan. The incident occurred when Saurabh was trying to cross the bridge.

The boy was rushed to the Dibrugarh’s Dr. Damani’s Nursing Home.

While some blamed the boy for being irresponsible and absolved the car driver of blame, others slammed the driver for apparently not being careful.

A video of the incident has now surfaced in the social media platforms after which there was a consensus among netizens that young children – and pedestrians in general – needed to be educated on road safety. The heart-rending accident can be seen in the video.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the bridge on December 25.

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