AASU under fire, to help Indian citizen in the objection process


Under fire for instigating false objections in the NRC process, the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and 30 other ethnic organizations will help the indigenous people and the people who came to Assam before 1971 and are reportedly facing harassment due to objections filed against the inclusion of their names in the complete draft NRC.

A press statement issued by AASU president Dipanka Kumar Nath on Tuesday stated that there were reports of irregularities in filing objections against some people.

The AASU and ABSU have been accused of instigating large scale objections without realizing against whom the complaints have been made. The whole process backfired and have brought bad names for AASU and ABSU.

It said the AASU and 30 ethnic organizations will help the genuine Indian citizens against whom objections have been filed.

Around two lakh objections were also filed against the inclusion of “ineligible” persons in the complete draft NRC. The complete draft NRC enrolled the names of 2, 89, 83,677 out of 3, 29,91, 384, applicants. Of around 40 lakh applicants who were found ineligible to be included in the complete draft published last year, nearly 36 lakh have filed claims for inclusion in the final NRC. The NRC authority is currently conducting hearing of the claims and objections before publishing the final updated NRC on July 31 this year.

“Both the claims and objections exercises are legal and currently being monitored by the Supreme Court. The AASU and ethnic organizations have helped the people in both the exercises. There are certain irregularities in the objection exercise. But we will extend all possible help to the genuine Indian citizens facing objections,” Nath said.

There are reports that many who had earlier filed objections against doubtful citizens in the complete draft NRC, are currently not coming forward for the hearing exercise raising question marks on the credibility and the authenticity of such objections.

There are allegations that certain vested interest groups have filed objections against genuine Indian citizens to derail the ongoing NRC update exercise.

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