Abdul Khaleque Meets Sonia Gandhi Over 2021 Election


Barpeta MP Abdul Khaleque meets Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday to discuss the 2021 election and also discussed the merging of regional party and leftist party of Assam with the Congress.

The Congress MP has met the party President at 10 Janpath. On being asked about the AICC President, Khaleque said that he wouldn’t comment on the issue.

Speaking to reporters, Khaleque reiterated about NRC saying that it is not a waste paper and the NRC is prepared in a scientific way. He further stated that we won’t support them who said that NRC is a waste paper.

Khaleque also reacts to the statement of Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding ‘one nation one language’ saying that it is completely baseless. He said that Hindi, being a national language should be known to all but it cannot be a compulsory language.

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