Abdul Khaleque Slams BJP Government


Barpeta Congress MP Abdul Khaleque, while reacting to the scheduled tribe and tribal schemes said that the state government has not been able to bring schools and houses under the central government schemes.

Addressing the media persons, Khaleque also said that the government has also failed to take measures to prevent erosion.

Reacting on the shutdown of the Sanskrit Tols, the Congress MP said that instead of closing down the tols, the government should have introduced more tols adding that there is some other purpose to close the Sanskrit Tols without any reason.

Hitting at Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Khaleque said that the minister takes steps like Muhammad Bin Tughluq.

Reiterating about the closure of Madrassa Board, Khaleque said that if the government Madrassa will be shut down, then the number of Khariji Madrassa will increase as a result of which the process of modernization of education of the minorities will come to a standstill.

Further, he stated that he welcomes the demand for implementation of ILP in the state for the safety and security of the indigenous people of the state.

The Congress leader also termed the state government’s politics as politics of division.

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