Abhinandan honoured with sand sculpture in Dhekiajuli


Praising Abhinandan Varthaman’s bravery, sand artist and teacher Ranjan Saikia of Dhekiajuli has paid tribute to the Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander, who was released by Pakistan on Friday.

TET teacher Saikia created a beautiful work of sand art on the bank of Gabharu river in Dhekiajuli to pay tribute to Indian hero Abhinandan. The work shows the IAF pilot and a fighter jet with a caption that says ‘Proud of our defence forces. Jai Hind’.

Notably, people have not only hailed Abhinandan’s courage and ability to maintain calm despite being taken captive by Pakistan, there were many who want to sport a moustache like him. Also several families have also named their newborns ‘Abhinandan’ after the IAF Wing Commander.

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