ABSU organises ‘E-Movement’ demanding separate Bodoland


The All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU), along with other Bodoland movement groups, on Tuesday launched an ‘E-Movement’ demanding separate Bodoland at Chirang.

ABSU leader Pramod Boro said that the digital campaign has been launched demanding the political and soci-economic rights of the community.

A set up has been made with around 50 laptops at Kajalgaon, from where digital memorandums are being sent to the Prime Minister, Union Home Minster, BJP National President and office of opposition. Pramod Boro said “We have heard that Narendra Modi replies only on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Hence, we have made it easier for them”.

“We have doubts if the memorandums we had sent earlier in black and white were actually read by the PM” he added.


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