ACA gets trolled over ‘Flash light’ theory


Assam Cricket Association (ACA) secretary, Debojit Saikia was caught in the middle of a troll fest with Facebook, Twitter almost going hysteric with memes and jokes on the ACA Secretary’s ‘raw wisdom’ that audience used Mobile phone flashlight to dry off the wet or damp patches of the pitch.

During an interview with a regional news channel on Monday, Saikia said that the groundstaff tried taking unique steps to dry the pitch, including the use of hairdryers and steam irons to tackle the situation, but those efforts eventually went in vain.

Saikia also added that the thrilled audience cooperated with groundstaff by switching on their mobile phone flashlights and it left everyone in a state of shock and surprise was that people used ‘Flashlight’ to dry off the wet or damp patches of the pitch!

Actually, people cheered the moment by switching on the flashlights and it created a brilliant spectacle as you can see in the video below.

While the game was put on hold, the entire Barsapara stadium sang ‘Vande Matarum’ together and created a memorable moment. 

According to Akash Chopra who was reporting the on-field conditions, the water seemed to be seeping out of the covers and led to the formation of damp patches on the pitch.

As if that wasn’t enough, the best counter-solution to the issue that the organisation could come up with was to use vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and steam irons to dry the wet spots!

Obviously failing in their attempts, the match had to be abandoned without a single ball bowled and the Guwahati crowd didn’t get to experience what could have been the first T20 of this year.

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