ACS topper Maria Tanim in kidnapping case


The ACS topper Maria Tanim is in the middle of custody controversy as both her husband and her father slapped police case against each other seeking her custody.

According to police reports, her father Kutubuddin Barbhuyan slapped police case at Lataseel police station against her husband Azad Khan and his elder brother Abdul Aziz Khan for allegedly trying to kidnap her.

On the other hand Abdul Aziz Khan, who is MLA of South Karimganj constituency, also slapped counter case against Mr. Barbhuyan of forcible custody of his sister in law by her father.

This is noteworthy that Maria married Azad in 2012 but they are living separately since 2015 following alleged dowry dispute.  Maria was living with her father at Guwahati. This year Maria topped the ACS exam and since then her husband was trying to get her back to his life.  This was objected to by her father.

On December 27, Maria and her father had gone to the Joint Director Health for customary medical test before she joining the civil service.  Maria’s husband Azad and elder brother Aziz descended there and tried to take away Tanim.

This was once again objected by Kutubuddin Barbhuyan which was followed by alteration. Barbhuyan then slapped a case again Khan brothers for attempted kidnapping while Khan brothers slapped a counter case for forcible custody of Tamim.

The police have not arrested any one and trying to sort out the matter amicably.

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