AEC Hostels To be Used as Quarantine Center


The boarders of Assam Engineering College (AEC) hostels have been asked to vacate the rooms and to collect their belongings on or before May 30 as the hostels will be converted to quarantine centers. This was informed by the Superintendents of Hostels vide a notification to the boarders. The students were instructed to prioritize their collection of books and any other study materials required to appear in the end semester examination from home if necessary. 

The notice further reads as, “Prioritizing your academics, you are hereby informed to come with one person and collect all belongings related to your study. You are instructed to come with proper masking and sanitizer and follow safety norms for COVID-I9.”

Boarders having difficulty in taking their belongings were instructed to consult with their roommates and use one of these following places to keep their things. 

I. Common room and library room of the new building,

2 The upper and lower dormies of the old building,

3. The already occupied quarter

4. The PG Block.

The hostel workers were directed to help the boarders with their capability and availability. 

All boarders were also informed to acknowledge their date of arrival in advance to the undersigned and take permission to avoid rush in the hostel premise. Maximum 55 boarders would be allowed in a day with only one person with them each. Time to enter the hostel and leave premises would be from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. 

Boarders were also instructed to maintain safety guidelines for COVID-19 without making noise inside the campus. If not required, cars shall not be entered inside the hostel campus. 

All boarders will have to sign their names and mention the place from where they are coming from, along with the name and relationship of the person they come along with while entering and leaving the hostel campus. All such communications will have to be made through the hostel WhatsApp groups as and when required.

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