After Cambridge Analytica scandal Google makes political ads database public


Google in an effort to improve its accountability around the role played by online advertising in US Elections has made its database of political ads for US candidates public.

The tech giant has prepared a resource, Ad Library, of all the US political ads for the public. The database is an archive that has appeared on Google and its partner properties.

On the Ad Library, People can find ads about current elected federal officeholders or federal candidates. The viewers can also see who has paid for those ads. The library will be updated once a week, said Google.

The search features include the advertisers looking up for ads, candidate name, money spent on the ads, dates the ads ran, number of impressions, or the type of ads. Ads are also set apart based on the highest amount spent, most impressions, and launched recently.

Earlier this year, after mega Facebook scandal was reported where social media polls and advertising was considered one of the reasons influencing public opinion prior to the presidential elections, the measure followed.

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