After floods, rat fever claims 12 lives in Kerala

After devastating floods in Kerala, a new tension has raised in the state. 12 people have died due to the leptospirosis so far. Leptospirosis, or rat fever caused by bacteria transmission from rodents to human beings.

Reportedly, at least 372 cases of the rat fever have come to light in Kerala while there are total 719 suspected cases since last month (August). High alert has been issued by health department in the state.

The maximum numbers of cases have come from Kozhikode. Due to this, a special isolation ward has been opened at the Kozhikode Medical College hospital.

Earlier on Sunday, the health Minister KK Shailaja said that every hospital has a stock of medicine for the treatment.

The health minister also advised people in flood-hit areas that they should take some safety measures and also a course of doxycycline.

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