After petrol-diesel, prices of chicken rise alarmingly in Guwahati


With the rapid increase in petrol-diesel prices and vegetable prices in the city of Guwahati, there can also be seen a sudden rise in prices of local chicken in the city market.

In a recent development, the price of local chicken has risen alarmingly from Rs 400 to Rs 420 per kg. With sellers stating the reason behind the sudden price rise as scarcity of local chicken, it has left people with no choice but to consume broiler or kuroiler chicken.

Reportedly in Hatigaon and Ganeshguri markets, the price of chicken till the last month was Rs 300 – 330 per kg which has suddenly increased by Rs 70 – Rs 80 within a month’s time frame. However, in Ulubari market the price is still at Rs 350.

It may be mentioned here that reports of involvement of a syndicate in increase of prices has come to light. Showing scarcity of supply, Eastern India Poultry Development Forum (EIPDF) has been making attempts to increase prices of broiler and kuroiler chicken as well.

According to a statement issued by EIPDF, the supply of broiler-kuroiler will be stopped from June 17 to June 23 after which the prices will be increased according to benefits of the aforementioned forum.

With government having no price control measures over poultry, it has helped groups like EIPDF to take undue advantages of the public by increasing prices. And if further actions are not taken, people have to strike out chicken off their menu.

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