After RBI, CBI, CVC, SC now EC


As the new government is coming in place in the next few days, it seems that the outgoing government has left behind a trail of destruction of the great institutions that makers of modern India built over the decades.

After RBI, CBI, SC, CVC now it is Election Commission. Any sane rationale person in India do not need further teaching how these great institutions have been demolished one after another.

No Indians will need any pushing to know how one after another institution’s autonomy have been destroyed. It is abundantly clear that main agenda of the Narendra Modi government was not to run the country between 2014-19 but to destroy these great institutions one by one so that from 2019 it can run the country as they want.

Latest is the Election Commission. Since T.N Seshan walked into this red brick building, the ordinary people of India had blinding trust on the impartiality of the Election Commission.

One after another Chief Election Commissioner maintained the tradition but now it is wide open that Chief Election commissioner and other Election commissioner are in warpath with one recused them from all meeting.

The charge leveled by one of the three was that EC had become lame duck before the Prime Minister and not only it okayed all objections against the Prime Minister but also refused to put on dissent comment left by one of the commissioner Ashok Lavasa.

As differences within the Election Commission spilled into the open with election commissioner Ashok Lavasa deciding to stay away from future meetings if dissent notes were not recorded, chief election commissioner Sunil Arora on Saturday sought to downplay the controversy.

“The three members of the ECI are not expected to be template or clones of each other. There have been so many times in the past when there has been a vast diversion (sic) as it can and should be,” Arora said in a statement.

Lavasa, who had disagreed with the decision to clear the Modi-Shah duopoly of all charges of model code of conduct violations, reportedly informed Arora this week that he would attend future meetings on complaints only if dissent notes and minority decisions were included in the final orders. His dissent against the clean chits to Modi-Shah had not been recorded.

For the first time in decades everybody except the ruling party thinks that the Election Commission was not longer impartial and that would directly affect results of the election.

If this is true, this is also the end of the beautiful democracy, we are so proud of.

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