AGP can’t be taken into confidence: Hiren Gohain


Dr Hiren Gohain who has been an integral part of the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and the Sarbananda Sonowal led BJP Government has expressed doubts Thursday on AGP breaking ties with BJP, which was also expressed by Former CM Tarun Gogoi and MP Gaurav Gogoi on Wednesday.

“People of Assam are still not able to take AGP into confidence”, said Gohain adding “They have only resigned from their Ministerial posts but have not sent letter to the Governor saying that they have broken ties from the coalition government.”

The noted intelligentsia appreciated those BJP MLAs who have come forth against the party opposing CAB. Gohain has also claimed that from now on, the protests against CAB will intensify.

Taking a jibe on the Chief Minister, who criticized his leftist ideologies, Gohain said, “The way the CM has changed his stance, which he had during the Assam Movement; in the same way leftist has also changed decisions according to situation and circumstances”.

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