AGP Forms New Students Union


Thirty-four years after, All Assam Students Union (AASU), gave birth to a political party Asom Gana Parishad. The same party today paid it back to the parent organisation by forming its own student organisation giving a new twist to the regional politics of Assam.

In a very surprising and baffling move the Asom Gana Parishad today launched a new organisation “Asom Chatra Parishad”. In a bid to bring new blood into an organisation which is accused as a small motley group of middle-aged politicians with has no direction.

The AGP in fact over a plus twenty years has not been able to attract new blood, it has not been able to get new leaders, it has been always tangent except a few who have come via back door out of their respective families like Moni Madhab Mahanta, who is the younger brother of Assam Minister Keshab Mahanta.

Notably, all the past presidents, present Presidents of AGP way actually young, dynamic leaders of the All Assam Students Union. Be it Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, be it Keshab Mahanta, be it Atul Kumar Bora all were once president of the All Assam Students Union. But today surprisingly AGP wanted to turn its back to AASU so that it can merge forward and giving a new direction, a new political twist in the entire political scenario of Assam.

All Assam Students Union, which is a non political body, has been pressure group over a period of last 40 years and it has given direction cord laid in from the front and every spare of lair but this emergence of Asom Chatra Parishad is going to very interesting and political observers are going to watching very keenly.

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