AGP moves stealthily to corner Mahanta


The AGP leadership is moving silently to neutralise Prafulla Kumar Mahanta as they have called for executive and general council meeting on May 14-15, when Mr Mahanta will not be available for family engagements.

The AGP leadership minus Mr Mahanta wants to ward off any probable attempt of coup post-Lok Sabha results and hence they are moving ahead with great strategy to neutralise all possible threat from districts.

The party second rung are waiting for the results to come in to pounce and snatch away the party from the present leadership and give it to Mr Mahanta. The AGP is expected to score blank in the three seats they contested.


Realising this the Executive and General Council has been hurriedly organised so that pro Mahanta supporters can be sidelined in the absence of Mr Mahanta.

Mr Mahanta will be pre-occupied with the “Sacred Thread (Logun Dioyni” ceremony of his son on May 14-15 and the AGP picked up those dates for the Central Executive and General Council.

The rift between the AGP leadership has become quite evident after AGP president Atul Bora warned that the party will be bound to take action against founder president of the party Prafulla Kumar Mahanta if the former CM crosses any limit.

Reacting to the development General Secretary of the party Ramendra Narayan Kalita on Thursday denied any split within the party. Kalita however admitted that there are some ideological differences between the leaders.

“I admit that there are some ideological differences between the party leaders, however, those can be sorted out with discussions,” said Kalita, while interacting with media. He further maintained that there were discussions going on with Prafulla Kumar Mahanta and party leaders.

Kalita further said that BJP will offer one Rajya Sabha seat to AGP. “We are confident that BJP will offer us one Rajya Sabha seat. We have had ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ with the BJP prior to the Lok Sabha Elections in this regard,” said Kalita.

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