Jammers to prevent cheating in Assam exam


To prevent HSSLC exam candidates from cheating using cellphones and other such devices, signal jammers will be installed in sensitive exam halls across the state.

In a statement, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) has said that HSSLC examination-conducting bodies to install jammers to block radiofrequency devices in 25 sensitive exam centres.

“With advances in technology, cheats too have gone high-tech, using cellphones, wireless earpieces and blue-tooth devices to get answers. Many even wear transmitters to examination centres. That’s why we have applied this technology”- said AHSEC official.

“The jammers will block mobile signals, wi-fi and Bluetooth operation on electronic devices. For the first time, jammers will be used in Assam examination.,” AHSEC official added.

There will be CCTV surveillance in every centre, and the jammer will be installed in the sensitive centres.

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