AI-Enabled Traffic System To Be Installed In 102 Locations Across Guwahati

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In a bid to manage the traffic better, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled advanced traffic light system would be installed in 102 locations across Guwahati city.

Guwahati Development Department minister Ashok Singhal said that a process to install an Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) in the city is being pursued by the state government, the tenders for which would be called within 20-25 days.

The new AI-enabled system would also help track traffic violators, who will receive notices via SMS.

“The government has been pursuing a process to install ITMS in 102 locations of Guwahati. Tenders would be invited next 20-25 days. It would help manage the traffic system better. Those who violate the traffic rules would get notices through SMSs. They also receive penalty notice via SMSs”, said the minister.

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