Aim 30,000 km solo bicycle ride; Andhra girl arrives in Guwahati

A highly spirited and energetic young lady from the Southern district of East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh reached Guwahati on the evening of February 21 covering her exceptional journey on bicycle that too unsupported and cashless with the ambition to enroll her name in the Guinness Book of world Records.

Andhra Pradesh cyclist Jyothi Rongala embarked on the biggest adventure of her life — a 30,000 km solo bicycle ride across India and that too without a single rupee on her.

The girl has set out on her ‘cashless-journey into the hinterlands’ to prove a point to the world: “Indian roads are perfectly safe for women.”

The plan was to complete the journey in 300 days and set the world record for the longest solo bicycle ride in a single country.

“My humble intention is to prove that Indian streets are safe for women traveler and its people are very rich in hospitality. My journey is unsupported and cashless and I never have availed my stay in government guest house or hotels. I took shelter in the residence of my well-wishers or in temples, Churches or in Gurudwaras” said Jyoti who used to cover 300 km to 400 km per day in her bicycle journey.

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