AIUDF MLA accuses principal of ‘Saffronising’ College environment


The decision to issue a circulation by a premier college in Nagaon asking students to wear proper uniform while coming to college has invited wrath from an All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) MLA, who has accused the authorities of “Saffronising” the college environment.

In a Facebook post, AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam has accused the authorities of Anandaram Dhekial Phookan (ADP) college n Nagaon of “saffronising” the college environment by insisting on a proper uniform.

As per Aminul, there’s no harm if a student goes to college wearing the hijab or niqab. He said, “No such decision was taken in the 60 years of the college’s existence. I would like to know where in the Constitution or the state gazette notification it is written that one cannot wear such outfits.”

“The college has been imparting education to students irrespective of caste, creed, race and religion for the last 60 years but you (principal of the college) have tried to saffronise the education system in the college,” Islam wrote, who was an alumni of ADP college.

In response to these accusations, the Principal of the college, Dr. Surajit Kumar Bhagawati said he did not ban any religious outfit and only issued a notice before the autumn vacation asking students to wear “proper uniform”. He further asserted that of the 20% Muslim students in the college, only Aminul’s daughter attended her classes in a burqa.

“All the students come to college in proper uniform as mentioned in the college prospectus. But only one student, MLA Islam’s daughter, wears burqa in college,” he said.

He further stated that he was feeling threatened and has lodged an FIR over the Facebook post.

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