Ajmal, BJP works at tandem in ‘Population Policy’


The Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and the Maulana Badaruddin Ajmal are working at tandem placing each at the opposite end of the population policy to polarize the state population on this issue benefitting each other politically.

The BJP led Assam Government is introducing a two child norm for government jobs and Badaurddin Ajmal has emerged as high critic of the same.

This gave Ajmal the opportunity to reclaim his position as the lone savior of Muslims, something BJP has always wanted.

A strong powerful Badaruddin Ajmal means a complete cakewalk of BJP in the 2021 Assembly election as Congress will be further decimated. Realizing this Congress is sounding soft towards Ajmal, who in return sought a formal proposal of an alliance.

On the other hand well-known preacher of two-child norm, Doctor Ilias Ali, the stand of Ajmal was nothing but a political stunt.

Describing Ajmal’s political stand as contradictory, Professor Ali said, ‘During the last Panchayat election, Ajmal’s AIUDF contested the elections after the state government had declared that candidates having more than two children would not be eligible to contest. His party did not boycott the polls but actively took part in the elections.

So why the contradictory stand today?’ The answer is simple-  decimate Congress. He is buoyed by the fact that his party could wrest Jania from Congress in the last bye poll. 

The population policy was manna from heaven for Ajmal as post-NRC, he was finding difficult as most of his voters base could enlist their name in the NRC.

The State Cabinet on October 21 last adopted the state population policy which will come into effect from January 1, 2021. Under the policy anyone having more than two children will not be eligible for government jobs nor will they be able to contest elections.

 According to Mr Ali, ‘Ajmal must have made this comment in his personal capacity or to derive some political mileage. He must understand that this will boomerang on him because the Muslim people will not be misled by his assertions. After all, Ajmal is not going to look after the children of the big Muslim families’.

But Mr Ajmal is a smart politician and he knew that his stand would eventually help him amongst the poor less educated Muslim population for whom he still remains the “Maulana”.

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