Ajmal defends himself by retweeting mysterious tweet


Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, who lost his temper during a press conference after being questioned by a journalist, is now defending himself by re-twitting tweet from a ‘mysterious’ twitter account.

AIUDF chief Ajmal, who also used abusive words during the press briefing, later on Wednesday night posted on his twitter account that “The concerned reporter used to ask silly question everytime.”

Later, the MP retweeted another tweet, which was posted by one Ayan (@Ayan25247504). Interestingly, the account of Ayan does not have a single follower on twitter at the time of filing this report and he also follows only Maulana Badruddin Ajmal (@MBadruddinAjmal) on twitter. Moreover, the tweet, which was retweeted by Ajmal, was the only tweet posted by Ayan as of now. Ayan also joined twitter this month.

Ajmal retweeted, “Sir, I respect you. Everyone please license I have seen and hear the news with silly questions…it was the reporters fault…if a person who is not corrupted at all and he is being poked by a reporter saying that “How much money did you taken” it is a natural thing to get angry.”

Notably, the viral video showed that furious Ajmal threw booms of news channel as the journalist asked a question on whether the party will take sides on whosoever forms the government at the centre.

Ajmal got into an ugly fight with the journalists. Ajmal then asked, “You are asking a good question. How much money will you give me? You recorded this. This man is an opportunist. This guy is also defaming other reporters. Get lost.” The AIUDF chief also used unparliamentary language and said, “You are sold out. Get out… I will break down your head. Go and file a case against me. Assault him if he again visits this place.”

The misbehaviour with the journalist, use of abusive words and threatening were condemned by various journalists and organisations.

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