Akhil Gogoi to start bamboo park


On Monday, KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi called a press conference on bamboo preservation,nursery project, ethnic culture and historical monuments preservation.

According to Gogoi, a bamboo park will open its doors to visitors at Kaziranga National Park on October 14. He said there are over 54 local species of NE bamboo to be availed in the bamboo preservation centre.

“As a long-term plan, we will try to get all the species available and plant them at the park.”- Gogoi added.

“We are planning for other tourism-related products at the park to complement the bamboo park. About 545 medicinal plants will be preserved there.”

He said they are also planning to preserve tribal attires and historical monuments of 97 ethnic tribes and communities as well as to have Assam state museum in the area.

He said there is potential for the area to develop.

“We want to preserve the bamboo plants in this park so that it is both a tourism and education hub,” he added.

The KMSS leader urged Assam Government to provide 1000 bigha land and 5 crore financial assistance for conservation of biodiversity in Assam.


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