Albert Einstein’s letter sold for USD 3 million


This strikingly genuine, private letter was written a year prior to Einstein’s death and remains the most completely enunciated articulation of his religious and philosophical perspectives, the auction said in an announcement. The letter was relied upon to get upto USD 1.5 million, said a statement.

The two-page letter, dated January 3, 1954, was written to German philosopher Eric Gutkind, who had sent Einstein a duplicate of his book “Choose Life: The Biblical Call To Revolt”.  Einstein wrote because of Eric Gutkind’s 1952 book, Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt, which he read at the command of Dutch mathematician and philosopher L.E.J. Brouwer (1881-1966). Despite the fact that Einstein was unequivocal in his scrutinize of Gutkind’s work, he tried to build up a shared belief between them, taking note of that regardless they conceded to “the essentials.”

Prefacing his straight to the point comments on God and religion, he watched carefully that he and Gutkind both had confidence in the significance of a solid good establishment that ascended above personal circumstance and rather tried to benefit mankind.




(Featured Image: The Financial Express)

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