Alert Rlyman saves 25 elephant

An alert Railwaymen in Rangiya Division between Rangapara and Bindukuri station saved at least 25 elephants by stopping a speeding passenger train which would have mowed away the entire heard.

On Wednesday (Oct 30), at about 07:30 hrs alert loco pilots,  Station Manager and Gateman of Rangiya Division saved a large herd of more than 25 elephants by stopping train no. 55862 Passenger between Rangapara-Bindukuri stations at a level crossing gate, said the Divisional Railway Manager(DRM).

The alert gateman informed the Station Manager about elephant movement.   Loco pilots were alerted via VHF and train was stopped short of the herd.

Alertness of staff saved several animal lives. The Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) is now considering felicitation of the Railway employees involved in saving the animals.

Elephant movement near the Rangapara railway station have been quite common and in the past, some of them had even visited the Railway platform also.

It has been because of rampant encroachment of nearby Sonai-Rupai reserve forest and loss of habitat forced the elephants to move across the area and sometimes come closer to the IAF base at Salonibari threatening the flying operations of Mirage 2000 squadron stationed there.

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