All crucial work relating to NRC completed and ready to publish a fair draft on June 30: Prateek Hajela

The fate of a number of people in Assam still hangs in an imbalance as the State prepares to welcome the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

State NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela informed that all major work relating to the NRC final draft process has been completed and officials are ready to publish a clean and fair draft on June 30.

All the pending activities, which included the tough part of verification and hearing, has been successfully completed. We have successfully completed the phase where we have engaged with the public and have listened to their queries and come up with fair verification for the NRC draft, according to Hajela.

In a span of three months, hearing of 9 lakh 15 thousand cases has been completed. Family tress of more than one crore people have been scrutinized and examined for the final NRC draft, Hajela informed.

The whole process of creating the draft, even the first draft, has been very transparent and has gone through systematically, the State NRC Coordinator said.

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