All eyes on NRC’s Supreme Court case tomorrow


As the dust of the NRC final draft release have settled down, Congress and Trinamool Congress have sharpened their attack on the ‘tardy” event as Assam has showed tremendous character despite initiating a process of making 4 million people stateless.

But all eyes are now on tomorrow’s NRC case in the Supreme Court as the special bench of Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Rohington Fali Nariman will charter the further course of action.

All the major stake holders, including NRC’s Chief Coordinator Pratik Hajela, main Petitioner Abhijeet Sarma and AASU leadership have started reaching the national capital taking evening flight.

The SC bench will also decide the fate of the person who are descendants of the D-voters as their name have been held. The total number of them is 2,48,000.

The AAMSU, one of the stakeholders in the case, shall like to intervene seeking SC guidance over some of the executive orders of NRC coordinator, because of which lakh of Indian citizen had become paperless and found themselves out of the NRC.

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