All Is Not Good For BJP In Barkhetri!


All is not well for the BJP in Barkhetri assembly constituency under the Guwahati Lok Sabha seat.

This has surfaced after reports of Congress candidate from Guwahati Lok Sabha seat Bobbeeta Sharma polled 82,287 votes from the constituency- which is 17,342 more votes than the BJP candidate Queen Oja who polled 64,945 votes.

A number of BJP leaders and members from the constituency took to their social media accounts and expressed their angst and said that it is matter of deep shock and a serious issue.

“How could the rival candidate poll more votes from a constituency which have a sitting BJP MLA,” the BJP leaders wrote on their social media platforms.

Barkhetri BJP MLA Narayan Deka also expressed concern on the issue. The Barkhetri BJP members have asked Deka to look into the matter with all seriousness and take all the necessary actions from further deterioration

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