‘All is not well’ for gentle giant


Do you remember ‘Babu’? The wild elephant that had strayed into Guwahati sparking panic and causing traffic snarls on April 30. The elephant is not quite well now-a-days. It has developed infections over its body. The forest department has failed to provide proper treatment to it.

As per the locals of Botahghuli area in the city, Babu has been continuously trying to come out of the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary ever since it was released inside the sanctuary.

It may be mentioned here that the Forest Department had put a collar around Babu’s neck to monitor his movements. And due to the collar, the elephant herds in the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary have boycotted Babu. The other elephants in fact attacked Babu on several occasions, informed a forest official on the condition of anonymity.

Babu has developed infections due to the collar and especially following the attacks of other elephants in the wildlife sanctuary. Its health has also been deteriorated following the attacks.

Now the forest department should provide proper medication and take care of the gentle jumbo that walked passed the vehicles and noisy crowds in Guwahati on April 30, without causing any damage.

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