All you want to know about PRC & Arunachal crisis!


For most of the Indians, the agitations of Arunachal Pradesh is puzzling. What is this PRC and why people of Arunachal Pradesh are so angry that they are on rampage?

This is the ‘Politics of identity of the North East” where one group is provoked using the time tested :identity crisis” till the political objectives are met and in the process a few leaders are reborn. This is the game most of the North Eastern States play and Arunachal Pradesh has mastered it.

This Politics of identity continues to ensure Durable Disorder in the region making some people life more shinier than the others.

What is  the PRC?

Permanent resident certificate is a legal document issued to Indian citizens that serves as evidence of residence and is required to be submitted as residential proof for official purpose. It is available every where in the North East India.

What Arunachal proposed?

The BJP-led government in the state is considering issuing the certificate to the six non-Arunachali communities living in Namsai and Changlang districts and to the Gorkhas living in Vijaynagar. Amongst those communities are Deoris, Sonowal Kacharis, Morans, Adivasis and Mishings. All of them are core indigenous communities of Assam living near the Assam-Arunachal border. The Gorkhas are settled in remote Vijayanagar areas as a buffer between india and Myanmar forces.A Joint High Power Committee (JHPC), recommended granting PRC to the six communities..

Why  people in Arunachal are angry?

A section of Arunachali are made to feel that by giving PRC, the non Arunchalis will be encouraged to settle in Arunachal and eventually that will cause harm to them. But both BJP and Congress are demanding for PRC for these people, who have been living for ages without getting the government benefits.

Why this violence?

Arunachal does not have a civil society and it does not know how to protest. Further the protest is politically orchestrated as Arunachal has history of dumping Chief Ministers on flimsiest  ground. The real target is Pema Khandu

What will happen now?

The recommendation of JHPC scrapped. President Rue is on its way. Pema Khandu is most likely to resign. New Election may be announced with Lok Sabha poll. BJP will try to buy out Congress for a new face as the Chief Minister in eventuality of poll.


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