AMCC Opposes Govt’s Decision to Shut Down Madrassas’


Members of the Assam Madrassa Coordination Committee (AMCC) opposed the government’s recent decision to shut down Madrassas’ in the state.

Recently, state education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had said that the government will shut down all government-run Madrassas as well as Sanskrit Tols within the next 4-5 months. He had added that the Madrassas will be modernized and will be converted into high schools.

Addressing a press meet on Monday, February 17, members of the AMCC said that the government recognized Madrassas, as well as provincialized Madrassas, to provide general education in addition to theological education.

They have appealed to the state government that the Madrassas already impart education which comes under the SEBA board and also provides theological knowledge. Thus, they said that there is no need to modernize the Madrassas.

“Students already learn subjects which are included in the SEBA board including English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Arabic, Hindi, vocational studies and computer education as well,” informed Faruq Ahmed Lashkar, member AMCC.

He added that Madrassas are not merely restricted to providing religious education and that the government had given permission and recognition to them.

The teachers added that by making Madrassas equivalent to high schools, the government will demote them. Instead, they feel that the government should start a university for the board.

It is to be mentioned that there are a total of 706 Madrassas in Assam which include provincialized as well as government-recognized Madrassas. Further, a total of more than 70,000 students study in these Madrassas currently. Moreover, the AMCC members will take their plea to the chief minister.

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