Horoscope Today, June 18: Check Tarot Readings For Your Zodiac

Pratidin Time

Tarot card – 2 of Pentacles – today things will be little unstable .Whatever decision you will take TODAY  be careful as thing will be little unclear . People from past will come in present situation and try to manipulate you. Not a good time to start anything new but you can plan for that. Financial matters need serious planning. Relationships need clear communication to have peace within it.

Angel Massage – except the changes and move forward.

Lucky Color –white and Yellow
Lucky Number – 2

Tarot Card – The moon - Today be careful whatever you say or don’t believe in one sided stories. Different situation will arise where you need to take be careful before passing any comment or decisions. Great time to cleanse your negativity .Great time resolve your past. Office politics may occur but try to be calm. Don’t buy anything new not even a pen. Health need some care. Relationships always need time to build so give that sufficient time.

Angel Massage – Ask for help from others.

Lucky Color –white and blue
Lucky Number – 1

Tarot Card – 6 of Wands  - Today is great day for you anything you will do you will get success. Great day to buy anything new today. Past decision will bring stability in life. Travel is on the card. Plan to do something in abroad if its in the list. Success in every sector of life. People will praise and you will be centre of attraction. Good news. Relationships will be stable.

Angel Massage – time to take action and move forward..

Lucky Color –Brown
Lucky Number – 4

Tarot Card- 8 of wands  – Today is all about taking decision and any decision you take it will be in your favor. Moving towards positive directions. You can expect a good news in all sector. Investment will give good return. Works will take speed Great time to take holiday. Everything you lost it will come back in double.Love and prosperity in relationship.

Angel Massage – Choose a new direction.

Lucky Color –Green  
Lucky Number – 4

Tarot Card – 8 of cups  –.You will be walking away from certain situation life which is not the solutions trust me so face it and solve it. Leaving a life of drama trauma and choosing positivity in life. Distance yourself from negativity. You need lot of emotional courage to face certain people and situation. Time to travel to new destination. Escape from different or difficult situation will not help so solve it. Relationships need some understanding.

Angel Massage – Time to take care of your health

Lucky Color –Yellow
Lucky Number –8

Tarot Card- Page  of swords  – Today you will be in very good mood and you decision making skill will enhance. Use your maturity to take decision in life. Have fun but in balance manner. Don’t lose your temper. Be receptive with changes. Relationships will have new aura and energy. Enjoy the moment.

Angel Massage – Enjoy the moment

Lucky Color –white

Lucky Number – 5

Tarot Card- 10 of swords  - Today different things and situation will hurt will hurt you so be calm .People will try to manipulate you. Don’t trust anyone. Be careful in relationship. Not a perfect time of marriages .Don’t invest anywhere. Stay calm. Time for you to clean your emotional space. Don’t argue or doubt each other in relationship.

Angel Massage – Time for you to invest on yourself.

Lucky Color – white  and Yellow
Lucky Number – 2 and 8

Tarot Card- The magician  – Today practice some spirituality . You are really exhausheted its time for you to spen some time with yourself. Tap you inner abilities and Knowledge .Trust your intuition .Be carefull with your thoughts you can manifest anything .Great day  for you. If you are planning tu buy something new go for it. Wear your favorite colure .

Angel Massage – Abundance from all the direction.

Lucky Color –Red  and yellow     
Lucky Number – 3 ,6 and 9

Tarot Card- The Fool – Today sit down and relax. Everything will be taken care by universe. New things and opportunity will show up. You will meet new people or make new friends. Move forward in life with no worries. . Balance your emotions. Great time start something new but remember trust your own instinct and then take your decisions. Relationships will be moving into new level.

 Angel Massage – enjoy the moment.

Lucky Color – Blue
Lucky Number – 3

Tarot Card- 4 of Cups   –Today see or notice your surroundings why you are not able to focus on a particular things. Not a great time to take new projects in work but you can plan today but don’t start. In job focus on your work let other speak. People will try but manipulate you but stay calm.  Time for self reflection and concentration. Mediation is the answer to all your questions. Divine or any supreme energy you believe will help you only if you ask so ask for help .Positive emotional experiences .

Angel Massage – spend some time with yourself.

Lucky Color – Yellow    and blue    
Lucky Number – 9

Tarot Card – The Death – today relax bad phase of your life has come to and end. Thing will turn new take and everything will be in your favor. Plan your planning specially in your work life. Great time apply for new jobs. Some negativity will go out from your life. LET GO YOUR PAST .Change is sometimes difficult but best way is to accept and move on .

Angel Massage – Next few months just be calm and grounded   

Lucky Color  – White

Lucky Number – 3,5 and 9.

Tarot Card- The Star - today make a wish . All your past investment specially in your professional life will come true. Business will grow and new things will show up. New people will bring happiness to your life. Joyful day Balance life enjoy each and every moment .Give some rest and have fun. Health will be fine. Relationships will be at ease.

Angel Massage – something better is on its way

Lucky Color – Blue an d white        
Lucky Number – 1 and 10

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