Horoscope Today, June 25: Check Tarot Readings For Your Zodiac

Pratidin Time

Tarot card – 2 of Swords – Today you will be little restless but don’t panic. Things may look a little not settled but they will, everything will be according to your plan you just need to have some planning. Let go of things and past. Don’t invest anywhere. More spending on the card.

Angel Message – Connect with yourself.   

Lucky Color – Blue

Lucky Number – 2


Tarot Card – Three Of Swords – Time for you to let go of things. Too much attachment to things, situations and people will hurt you so have some space. Relationships need some time. Work needs more commitment.

Angel Message – Have faith

Lucky Color – White

Lucky Number – 1


Tarot Card – Queen of Wands – You will get good news today. Time for you to enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Good time to expand your business or change your job. Travel or work abroad is on the cards. Financial abundance

Angel Message – plan your future and take decisions.

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 6


Tarot Card – 7 Of Cups – leoTime to take a decision, you will have a lot of choices but you will choose the best one. Plan your year. You will be busy with more work. New things will show up.

Angel Message – Release your fears.

Lucky Color – Orange    

Lucky Number – 4


Tarot Card – Ace Of Pentacles. – Good day for money, you may receive pending dues. You will be emotionally balanced today. Success is on the cards. Spend some time amidst nature. New people will come to your life. Financial abundance.

 Angel Message – Claim the power within

Lucky Color – White and Blue

Lucky Number – 3


Tarot Card- The World – It’s a great day today. Time to enjoy the fruit of your hard work. New things will show up. New people will come into your life. Plan your future so that you can have ease with your work.

Angel Message – Be grateful for whatever you have.

Lucky Color –Yellow and orange

Lucky Number – 9


Tarot Card – 10 of Pentacles  – Enjoy your day. Eat your favorite food. Today you will be very lucky  Enjoy each and every moment today. Today is great day for you. Financial abundance. You will be more clear with your plans and planning. Enjoy your day.

Angel Message – Trust your intuition.  

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 3


Tarot Card- Four of SWORDS  – Today take some rest and enjoy with your family. All your plans will be successful. Need to take care of your sleep. Plan your future and relax.

Angel Message – Be more generous today.

Lucky Color – Brown       

Lucky Number – 5


Tarot Card- Queen Of Pentacles  – Female person in your life will be lucky. Buy something for yourself or pamper yourself. Relax and enjoy. All your work will bring glory and success to you. New people will show up.

Angel Message – Enjoy the moment

Lucky Color –Red    

Lucky Number - 8


Tarot Card- Queen Of Swords – Be humble and listen to others. You need to take some major decisions but be neutral. Success is on the cards. Good news for the couples. New Relationships show up.

Angel Message – Be humble

Lucky Color – Yellow and Red    

Lucky Number – 6


Tarot Card – 9 Of wands  – Time for you to expand work and plan your future. Good day for handling finances. Good time to take some decisions. Take control of your life. Don’t take too many suggestions.

Angel Message – Believe in yourself.

Lucky Color – Brown

Lucky Number – 8


Tarot Card- The Empress Time for you to enjoy the fruit of your good karma. Good news is on its way. Good time to invest. Plan your future. New people will come into your life. Couples can plan their baby.

Angel Message – Enjoy the moment.

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 3  


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