Horoscope Today, March 10: Check Tarot Readings For Your Zodiac

Pratidin Time

Tarot card – 8 of Swords – Today be careful from manipulative people. Avoid travelling.Some one may break your trust so be alert. Spend less. Focus more on positive side

Angel Message – Forgive others   

Lucky Color – White
Lucky Number – 3


Tarot Card – 2 of swords– Don’t over think it will affect you. Let go past.  Emotionally you will little disturbed. Be careful with your own thoughts.

Angel Message – do some meditation.

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 5


Tarot Card – Strength –Long dark phase of your life come to an end. Use your inner strength to achive anything today. Trust your gut feelings. Today is good day for you

Angel Message – plan your future  

Lucky Color – Brown
Lucky Number – 8


Tarot Card – The Hierophant  – Don’t trust anyone blindly there is always two sides of stories .Time to enjoy the outcome of your  hard work . You will be getting positive answers of your work. Financially it’s a ok day

Angel Message – Release your fears.

Lucky Color – Blue
Lucky Number – 6


Tarot Card – Death – Bad phase of your life come to an end. New things were coming. Release your fear and anger. Ready for positive change.

Angel Message – Claim the power within

Lucky Color – Yellow
Lucky Number – 7


Tarot Card- Three Of Swords – Be careful with your emotions someone very close will hurt you.Dont get angry and avoid fights. Stay calm

Angel Message – Do some meditation..

Lucky Color –White
Lucky Number – 9


Tarot Card – Ace Of Cups – Today is great day for you. New news new beginning on the cards. Emotionally you will be little overwhelmed.

Angel Message – Trust your intuition.  

Lucky Color – Blue
Lucky Number – 5


Tarot Card- The Moon   –  Avoid any fights. No travel on cards. Someone will try to harm you emotionally .But good day for investment.

Angel Message – Stay calm

Lucky Color – Green       
Lucky Number – 8


Tarot Card- Ace of Swords – New beginning and work on it way.Great day for investment.Regain your inner strength and trust yourself

Angel Message – Wait and be patient.

Lucky Color –Blue      
Lucky Number - 3


Tarot Card- 3 of Wands – Travel is there today .Success is on the cards. Good news for the couples.  Good day to expand your business . A child will bring happiness to your life.

Angel Message – Enjoy the moment.

Lucky Color – Yellow
Lucky Number – 1


Tarot Card – The Magician – Good day for handling finances. Good time to take some decisions. New things will happen to you. New people will come to your life and bring happiness.

Angel Message – Believe in yourself.

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 75


Tarot Card- Two Of Pentacles Today will be little anxious. Don’t take any major decision today. Emotionally you will be little unstable.Be ready for some travel in future.

Angel Message – Stay calm

Lucky Color – Orange   
Lucky Number – 3  


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