Horoscope Today, November 5: Check Tarot Readings For Your Zodiac

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Tarot card – Page of Cups – Today invest more time in self improvement. Complete all your pending work. Financial investment will give good returns in future. A new opportunity will come. Emotionally you will be in happy state of mind.

Angel Message – Invest more time in spirituality

Lucky Color –   Blue

Lucky Number – 1


Tarot Card – The Hanged Man Reconsider your decision. Invest more time in family and relationships. Professional life will be full of challenges but remember with your hard work and dedication you can overcome any obstacle. Financially you will get you old stuck money. Take care of your emotional state of mind .

Angel Message – Go with the flow

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 5


Tarot Card – Judgement – Today good news will come. Long pending issues will resolved. Be clear with your communication. Offer your gratitude to ancestors and elders. Make things simple. Spread love

Angel Message – Harmony is the key to peace  

Lucky Color - Red

Lucky Number – 4


Tarot Card – 7 of swords Be careful with people they may hurt you. Don’t share everything with everyone. Be careful of manipulative people and situation. Don’t invest or give loans to anyone. Emotionally be calm.

Angel Message – Stay Calm

Lucky Color – White

Lucky Number – 3


Tarot Card – King Of Swords You will be in very good state of mind . People will seek suggestion from you. Middle part of the week you need to take some harsh decision take it remember it will be good for your future. Emotionally you will be stable. Financially this will be great week.

Angel Message – Do justice to everything and everyone

Lucky Color – White

Lucky Number – 6


Tarot Card - 3 Of Cups – Celebrate with family and friends, and spend more time with them. Things will be in your favour. Long-distance people will show up. Work will bring more peace to you. Success is on the cards. Stay happy.

Angel Message – You purpose is to be happy  

Lucky Color –Red and yellow

Lucky Number – 3


7. LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Tarot Card – The Sun – Today will be very great to you. You will be successful in everything you do. Relationships will be happy and harmonious. Financially it will be great week. Couples may think of expanding their family or good news on its way. Be humble and stay happy.

Angel Message – Love has power to conquer anything

Lucky Color – Yellow and orange

Lucky Number – 1


Tarot Card – Queen Of Cups Today you will be pleased and content. Don’t anyone to manipulate you, listen to your heart. Financially it’s a great week. The investment will be great for great returns. Stay happy and be grateful about things.

Angel Message – Seek guidance from the universe

Lucky Color –   White    

Lucky Number – 9


Tarot Card- Page of wands – Today you will get new offers in professional life. Travel is on the cards. New people will show up. Don’t spend too much on shopping. Emotionally you will be very stable and happy. Financially you may spend little much so control and save.

Angel Message – Embrace the truth

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number - 6


Tarot Card - 3 Of Wands Today you get an opportunity to expand your business or job. Great time to travel. You will get success whatever you do. New people will show up in life. Financially you are very stable. Invest somewhere you will get great returns in future.

Angel Message – Donate something to someone

Lucky Color – White

Lucky Number – 8


Tarot Card – The Moon – Today things will be delayed. People will show their true color which may hurt you so be careful. Don’t believe anyone blindly. Don’t hurt anyone. Avoid manipulative and negative people. Stay calm.

Angel Message – Stay grounded

Lucky Color – Pink

Lucky Number – 3


Tarot card – 4 Of Pentacle Travel is on the cards. Financially you will be in great positions. Emotionally other people behavior effects so be careful. Take decision very carefully. Avoid arguments.

Angel Message – Do some mediation or read books

Lucky Color – Green

Lucky Number – 4


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