Horoscope Today, October 13: Check Tarot Readings For Your Zodiac

Pratidin Time

Tarot card – The Chariot – Today make things clear on your professional front take some future-oriented decisions. Today take help from your family if required. You will receive good news today in terms of your work or studies. Time to plan your future and also do your manifestations. Donate something to someone.

Angel Message – Be clear with your thoughts.    

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 5


Tarot Card – Knight of Swords  Use your inner strength to over come obstacles in life. Don’t doubt your decisions. Things will take a little longer time to complete so have trust in the process. Avoid arguments and let go of things. Take care of your finances. Don’t buy anything new today.

Angel Message – Do some meditation.

Lucky Color – Green

Lucky Number – 5


Tarot Card – 3 of Cups – Today spent some time with your loved ones. Good news will you’re your way or big deal or project will finalize. Call a distant friend. Let go of all your negative emotions. Today things will not be clear to you so before making any decisions see all the sides.

Angel Message – Enjoy the moment.   

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 4


Tarot Card – 2 of Wands Plan your future. Time for you to take some tough decisions on the work front. Students who are planning to move abroad or planning to go study out of their base should move forward. Travel is on the cards. Do some long-term investment.

Angel Message – Release your pain.

Lucky Color – Blue

Lucky Number – 9


Tarot Card – Ace of Swords – Be clear with your communication. If you plan to change your job or want to invest in a new business, go for it. A new opportunity will show up. Relax, regroup and contemplate your situation in a calm rational way. If you leave aside your fears and logically plan for the future, you will find a way forward. 

Angel Message – Be ready to embrace new energy.

Lucky Color – White

Lucky Number – 6


Tarot Card – 9 of Pentacles Today you will be receiving payment or money. Financial gain. New opportunity will show up. Today things will be going well for you and life should be very harmonious. Today you may find you are popular or sought after in many areas on your life!

Angel Message – Enjoy the moment.

Lucky Color – Green

Lucky Number – 8


Tarot card – 6 of Swords – Today you will move forward if you are stuck somewhere, especially in emotional decisions. Today is all about overcoming hardship, healing, relief and stability so you can expect problems in your life to settle down and things to be much easier to deal with.

Angel Message – Be receptive.

Lucky Color – Green

Lucky Number – 5


Tarot Card – 7 of Swords Today be careful with whom you are dealing, people may cheat you. Avoid some people with whom you feel uncomfortable. Let go of things. Don’t make any major or important decisions in life. Stay humble. Don’t take or give any loans today.

Angel Message – Don’t worry be happy.

Lucky Color – Green and White

Lucky Number – 8


Tarot Card – Temperance – Today all your past decisions will bring glory to you. Today you will feel very grounded. You will feel very stable and energetic. Time to take some major decisions in life. Follow your heart. Financial gain. Emotional stability.

Angel Message – Live in the moment.

Lucky Color – White    

Lucky Number – 3


Tarot Card – 6 of Pentacles Today donate something to someone. Clean your space at home and office. Discard old things. Let go of ego and people who have no contribution in life. Trust yourself. Don’t buy anything new.

Angel Message – Stay calm.

Lucky Color – Red

Lucky Number – 3


Tarot Card – 6 of Cups Today pay homage or gratitude to your ancestors. Take suggestions if required from your elders. Be true to yourself. Long pending issues will be solved. Finally, in life things that go or come will be according to your planning.

Angel Message – Believe in yourself.

Lucky Color – White

Lucky Number – 3


Tarot Card – The Emperor – Time for you to see things neutrally. Take some decisions to bring new things to your life. Let go of things. Be humble and avoid stressful situations. Today be careful with whom you are dealing with, people may cheat you. Avoid some people whom you feel uncomfortable.

Angel Message – Stay calm.

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – 1


Hello lovely souls, I am Rj Aaliya, a tarot reader, a clairvoyant and a psychic medium who will deviate you to attract abundance prosperity, love and peace for October 13. You can reach me at - 6000652920.

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