Maria Telkes: Google Doodle Celebrates 'The Sun Queen'

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Google Doodle Maria Telkes

Google has created a special doodle to celebrate the 122nd birthday of solar energy scientist Maria Telkes today (Monday)

Maria Telkes | Pratidin Time

Maria Telkes has made significant contributions to the field of solar energy. Mara Telques is known as Solar Queen due to her work and achievements.

Maria Telkes | Pratidin Time

Who Was Maria Telkes?

Mária Telkes was a biophysicist, scientist, and inventor of Hungarian and American descent who worked on solar energy technologies. She passed away on December 2, 1995.

Maria Telkes | Pratidin Time

Maria Telkes invented a solar distillation device during World War II— that was included in military emergency medical kits and saved the lives of downed airmen and torpedoed sailors.

Maria Telkes | Pratidin Time

Maria Telkes Achievements

In 1953, Maria Telkes transferred to the New York University College of Engineering, where she continued her work on solar energy research.

Maria Telkes | Pratidin Time

Maria Telkes spent several years in industry as the director of solar energy at the Curtiss-Wright Company.

Maria Telkes