10 animals that live longer than humans

Pratidin Bureau

1. Greenland Shark

This mighty Arctic shark is estimated to live for 250 to 500 years, possibly even longer! Scientists believe their slow growth rate and cold environment contribute to their longevity.

Greenland Shark | Image: Google

2. Ocean Quahog

This deep-sea dwelling clam can potentially live for an astounding 500 years or more! Their growth rings on their shells act like tree rings, revealing their age.

Ocean Quahog | Image: Google

3. Bowhead Whale

These majestic whales can live for 200 years or more, with some estimates reaching 300 years! Their thick blubber and slow metabolism might be factors in their long lifespan.

Bowhead Whale | Image: Google

4. Rougheye Rockfish

Found in the deep waters of the North Pacific, this fish can live for over 200 years! Their slow growth and cold environment likely contribute to their longevity.

Rougheye Rockfish | Image: Google

5. Red Sea Urchin

These spiny sea creatures can live for a remarkable 200 years or more! Their slow growth rate and ability to repair themselves might be the secrets to their long lives.

Red Sea Urchin | Image: Google

6. Galapagos Giant Tortoise

These gentle giants can live for over 100 years, with some reaching 150 or even 200 years old! Their slow metabolism and plant-based diet may contribute to their longevity.

Galapagos Giant Tortoise | Image: Google

7. Hydra

Hydra are tiny freshwater organisms that seem to be biologically immortal! They have a remarkable regenerative ability, allowing them to essentially replace their entire body and avoid cellular aging.

Hydra | Image: Google

8. Turritopsis dohrnii (Immortal Jellyfish)

This jellyfish defies aging! When stressed or injured, it can revert back to its polyp stage, essentially becoming young again. This cycle can theoretically repeat indefinitely.

Turritopsis dohrnii | Image: Google

9. Longfin Eel

These fascinating eels can live for over 50 years, with some estimates reaching 90 years! Their complex life cycle, spending parts of their lives in freshwater and saltwater, might play a role in their longevity.

Longfin Eel | Image: Google

10. African Elephant

The wise and powerful African Elephant can live for 70 to 80 years in the wild, with some individuals exceeding 100 years! Their strong social bonds and complex intelligence may contribute to their long lifespans.

African Elephant | Image: Google