10 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy

Pratidin Bureau

1. Monaco

This tiny city-state boasts the highest life expectancy in the world, likely due to its high wealth levels, excellent healthcare system, and beautiful Mediterranean climate.

Monaco | Image: Google

2. Japan 

Japan consistently ranks among the top countries for life expectancy, thanks to its healthy diet, strong social support system, and universal healthcare.

Japan | Image: Google

3. Hong Kong

This vibrant city enjoys a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and a long-standing cultural emphasis on family and community, contributing to its high life expectancy.

Hong Kong | Image: Google

4. Singapore 

Singapore's life expectancy has been steadily rising in recent decades, thanks to its strong economy, investments in public health, and emphasis on preventive care.

Singapore | Image: Google

5. Macau

This special administrative region of China benefits from its proximity to Hong Kong and shares many of the same factors that contribute to high life expectancy.

Macau | Image: Google

6. Switzerland 

Switzerland's stunning natural environment, strong social safety net, and universal healthcare system all contribute to its long life expectancies.

Switzerland  | Image: Google

7. Australia

Australians enjoy a healthy lifestyle, excellent access to healthcare, and a strong sense of community, all of which contribute to their high life expectancy.

Australia | Image: Google

8. Iceland

This Nordic island nation enjoys high levels of social equality, clean air and water, and a strong emphasis on education and healthcare, all of which contribute to its high life expectancy.

Iceland | Image: Google

9. Spain 

Spain's Mediterranean diet, strong social connections, and focus on preventive healthcare contribute to its high life expectancy.

Spain  | Image: Google

10. Italy

Italians enjoy a long-standing tradition of healthy eating, strong family ties, and access to a high-quality healthcare system, all of which contribute to their high life expectancy.

Italy | Image: Google