10 Famous brands you thought were indian but arent

Pratidin Bureau

1. Maggi

This popular instant noodles brand is actually owned by Nestlé, a Swiss company.

Maggi | Image: Google

2. Bata

This well-known footwear brand is actually headquartered in Switzerland, although it has a long history in India and manufactures many of its products there.

Bata | Image: Google

3. Hindustan Unilever (HUL)

While the name sounds Indian, HUL is actually a subsidiary of the British multinational consumer goods company Unilever.

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) | Image: Google

4. Colgate

This iconic toothpaste brand is actually American, founded in New York in 1806.

Colgate | Image: Google

5. Pepsodent

Another toothpaste brand often mistaken as Indian, Pepsodent is actually owned by Unilever, a British company.

Pepsodent | Image: Google

6. Lifebuoy

This popular soap brand is another product owned by Unilever, the British multinational consumer goods company.

Lifebuoy | Image: Google

7. Boost

While a popular drink in India, Boost is actually a subsidiary of the Swiss multinational food and beverage company Nestlé.

Boost | Image: Google

8. Tide

This well-known laundry detergent brand is actually owned by the American multinational consumer goods company Procter & Gamble.

Tide | Image: Google

9. Star TV

This television network, while popular in India, is actually owned by The Walt Disney Company, an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate.

Star TV | Image: Google

10. Gudang Garam

This brand of clove cigarettes, often mistaken as Indian due to its name, is actually Indonesian.

Gudang Garam | Image: Google