10 lants that look like animals

Pratidin Bureau

1. Monkey Face Orchid

This orchid from Ecuador and Peru bears an uncanny resemblance to a monkey's face, complete with hairy "fur," two eyes, and even a gaping mouth!

Monkey Face Orchid | Image: Google

2. Bat Flower

Native to Southeast Asia, this flower's dark purple bracts and long, whisker-like appendages give it a striking resemblance to a bat in flight.

Bat Flower | Image: Google

3. Dolphin Succulent

This adorable succulent from South Africa features strings of plump, green leaves that resemble a pod of playful dolphins.

Dolphin Succulent | Image: Google

4. Parrot Flower

This vibrant flower from Thailand boasts two-toned petals that resemble a parrot's head and beak, often attracting hummingbirds as pollinators.

Parrot Flower | Image: Google

5. Venus Flytrap

This carnivorous plant from the Carolinas has modified leaves that snap shut like jaws to trap unsuspecting insects. While not quite an animal, its movement and feeding habits are fascinating.

Venus Flytrap | Image: Google

6. Lithops

These small, succulent plants from South Africa mimic the appearance of pebbles to blend in with their rocky environment, a clever adaptation to avoid herbivores.

Lithops | Image: Google

7. Bleeding Heart Vine

This ornamental vine produces heart-shaped, drooping flowers in shades of pink and white, adding a touch of whimsy to any garden.

Bleeding Heart Vine | Image: Google

8. Hydnora africana

This parasitic plant from South Africa resembles a large, fleshy mushroom with a starfish-like opening. It emits a foul odor to attract dung beetles, which help disperse its spores.

Hydnora africana | Image: Google

9. Stapelia gigantea

This unusual succulent from South Africa has starfish-shaped flowers with a carrion-like smell, attracting flies that aid in pollination.

Stapelia gigantea | Image: Google

10. Buddha's Hand Citron

This unique citrus fruit from China features finger-like protrusions that resemble a hand with many fingers, hence its name.

Buddha's Hand Citron | Image: Google