5 horror movies you can watch on Amazon Prime

Pratidin Bureau

1. Hereditary

A family is haunted by a mysterious presence after the matriarch's death.

Hereditary | Image: Google

2. The Witch

A Puritan family in 17th-century New England is torn apart by witchcraft accusations.

The Witch | Image: Google

3. Midsommar

A group of college students travel to a remote Swedish village for its annual midsummer festival, but they soon realize that the festivities are not what they seem.

Midsommar | Image: Google

4. The Babadook

A single mother is haunted by a sinister pop-up book after her son takes it home from the library.

The Babadook | Image: Google

5. Get Out

A young black man visits his white girlfriend's family for the weekend, but he soon discovers that they have sinister intentions for him.

Image: Google