5 signs your partner might be cheating

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1. Changes in communication

They become more secretive about their phone and computer habits. This could include hiding their phone, changing their passwords, or using their phone more often in private.

Changes in communication | Image: Google

2. Increased interest in appearance

They start flirting with other people. This could be overt, like making eye contact with someone across the room, or it could be more subtle, like making suggestive comments.Image: Google

Increased interest in appearance | Image: Google

3. More time spent away from home

They start making excuses for why they can't be home with you. This could include saying they have to work late, or that they have to go out of town for a weekend.

More time spent away from home | Image: Google

4. Attitude changes

They become more withdrawn or distant. They might not seem as interested in talking to you or spending time with you.

Attitude changes | Image: Google

5. Lying

They start lying to you about where they've been, who they've been with, or what they've been doing.

Lying | Image: Google