5 unknown facts about the acting journey of Ileana Dcruz

Pratidin Bureau

A Model First, an Actress Later: Stepping into the Spotlight

Unlike many Bollywood actors, Ileana started her career in modeling. She participated in ramp shows and even appeared in commercials before pursuing acting.

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A Southern Start: Conquering Telugu Cinema Before Bollywood

Ileana didn't debut in Hindi cinema. She began her acting career in South Indian films, particularly Telugu movies, where she achieved immense success before transitioning to Bollywood.

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Language Learning: Embracing the Challenge

Ileana wasn't fluent in Hindi when she entered Bollywood. She worked hard to learn the language and deliver convincing performances, showcasing her dedication to her craft.

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A Paycheck Pioneer: Breaking Gender Pay Disparity

Ileana became the first South Indian actress to command a salary of one crore rupees for a film. This achievement challenged the existing pay gap and paved the way for fair compensation for actresses in the South Indian film industry.

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Beyond the Glamorous Facade: Embracing Vulnerability

Ileana has openly discussed her struggles with mental health, including seeking therapy for post-partum depression. This vulnerability resonates with audiences and showcases her strength as a person.

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