7 best Kamal Haasan films to watch on his birthday

Pratidin Bureau

1. Nayakan (1987) - A Gripping Gangster Saga

Widely considered his masterpiece, Nayakan is a crime drama following a man's rise to power in the Mumbai underworld. Prepare to be captivated by Haasan's transformation.

Nayakan | Image: Google

2. Moondram Pirai (1982) - A Heartwarming Tale of Amnesia (Also known as Sadma in Hindi)

This tearjerker explores the bond between a man and a woman with amnesia. Witness Haasan's sensitive portrayal in this classic love story.

Moondram Pirai | Image: Google

3. Apoorva Raagangal (1975) - A Powerful Coming-of-Age Story

Haasan plays a complex character defying societal norms in this coming-of-age drama. A must-watch for those who appreciate unconventional narratives.

Apoorva Raagangal | Image: Google

4. Indian (1996) - A Vigilante Upholding Justice

This action thriller features Haasan as a vigilante taking on corrupt officials. Brace yourself for high-octane action sequences and a thought-provoking story.

Indian | Image: Google

5. Mahanadhi (1994) - A Father's Unwavering Love

A powerful portrayal of a father's struggle for his wrongly imprisoned daughter. Haasan's emotional performance will tug at your heartstrings.

Mahanadhi | Image: Google

6. Hey Ram (2000) - A Controversial Take on History

This historical drama explores the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. A thought-provoking film sparking discussions and debates.

Hey Ram | Image: Google

7. Chachi 420 (1997) - Hilarious Disguise & Paternal Love

Haasan in a double role! This comedy features him disguised as a nanny to be close to his daughter. Prepare to laugh out loud!

Chachi 420 | Image: Google