7 best suspense thriller malayalam movies to watch on amazon prime video

Pratidin Bureau

1. Kuruthi (2021): Moral Dilemma With a Bite

A hidden criminal disrupts the lives of a peaceful family. Brace yourself for a tense exploration of morality and survival.

Kuruthi | Image: Google

2. Joji (2021): Ambition Takes a Dark Turn

An engineering dropout hatches a sinister plot fueled by greed. Prepare for a chilling Shakespearean-inspired story.

Joji | Image: Google

3. Virus (2019): A Medical Thriller Hits Close to Home

This gripping film follows a team of medical professionals battling a deadly virus outbreak. A terrifying yet relevant watch.

Virus | Image: Google

4. Malik (2021): A Gangster's Rise and Fall

Delve into the murky world of power and violence with this story of a small-time criminal's rise to notoriety.

Malik | Image: Google

5. C U Soon (2020): A Cyber Mystery Unfolds

A cyber investigation throws a young woman's life into disarray. Explore the complexities of online relationships in this lockdown-filmed thriller.

C U Soon | Image: Google

6. Anjaam Pathiraa (2020): A Cop Faces a Serial Killer

A series of gruesome murders puts a police officer on a relentless hunt for a cunning serial killer.

Anjaam Pathiraa | Image: Google

7. Joseph (2018): An Ex-Cop Seeks the Truth

A retired police officer investigates his ex-wife's suspicious accident. Uncover hidden secrets and shocking revelations.

Joseph | Image: Google