7 best tvf web series according to imdb ratings

Pratidin Bureau

1. Gullak (2019– )

IMDb rating - 9.1. This heartwarming coming-of-age story follows a middle-class family and their everyday struggles and dreams.

Gullak | Image: Google

2. TVF Pitchers (2015–2022)

IMDb rating - 9.1. This dramedy chronicles the journey of four young entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges of starting their own company.

TVF Pitchers | Image: Google

3. Kota Factory (2019–2021)

IMDb rating - 9.0. Shot in black and white, this coming-of-age drama depicts the lives of students preparing for the highly competitive IIT entrance exam in Kota, India.

Kota Factory | Image: Google

4. Yeh Meri Family (2018– )

IMDb rating - 9.0. This lighthearted family drama explores the heartwarming and humorous bond between a young man and his quirky family members.

Yeh Meri Family | Image: Google

5. Panchayat (2020– )

IMDb rating - 8.9. This comedy-drama follows a young engineering graduate who, due to lack of better options, takes a job as a secretary in a remote village council.

Panchayat | Image: Google

6. Flames (2018–2023)

IMDb rating - 8.9. This coming-of-age drama portrays the complexities of teenage life, exploring friendships, first love, and the pressures of school.

Flames | Image: Google

7. Permanent Roommates (2014–2023)

IMDb rating - 8.6. This lighthearted drama follows a young couple in a long-distance relationship navigating the challenges of commitment and communication.

Permanent Roommates | Image: Google