7 firsts of indian cinema

Pratidin Bureau

1. First Movie (1913): Raja Harishchandra

This silent film laid the foundation for Indian cinema.

Raja Harishchandra | Image: Google

2. First Talkie (1931): Alam Ara

The arrival of sound revolutionized Indian cinema, introducing songs and dialogues.

Alam Ara | Image: Google

3. First Colour Film (1937): Kisan Kanya

This marked a significant step in visual storytelling with its use of color technology.

Kisan Kanya | Image: Google

4. First Playback Song (1935): Dhoop Chhaon

This film introduced the playback singing concept, where actors lip-sync to pre-recorded songs.

Dhoop Chhaon | Image: Google

5. First Dolby Sound Film (1994): 1942: A Love Story

This film adopted the Dolby sound system, offering a superior audio experience.

1942: A Love Story | Image: Google

6. First Woman on Screen (Early 1900s): Durgabai Kamat & Kamlabai Ghokhale

Despite societal norms, these women became pioneers as actresses in silent films.

Durgabai Kamat & Kamlabai Ghokhale | Image: Google

7. First Indian film to be shot abroad (1964): Sangam

Raj Kapoor’s Sangam had various scenes shot in Europe. The cinema goers at that time would queue up just to see the foreign locales in motion picture.

Sangam | Image: Google