7 highest grossing films of Superstar Rajinikanth

Pratidin Bureau

1. Baasha (1995)

Worldwide Gross: ₹100+ crore

A rickshaw driver with a violent past as a crime boss hides his true identity to lead a peaceful life, until circumstances force him to reveal himself.

Baasha | Image: Google

2. Sivaji: The Boss (2007)

Worldwide Gross: ₹150+ crore

A businessman returns to India to invest his wealth for the betterment of society, but faces obstacles from a corrupt system.

Sivaji: The Boss | Image: Google

3. Petta (2019)

Worldwide Gross: ₹250+ crore

An action drama where Rajinikanth plays a hostel warden with a mysterious past, seeking revenge against a powerful politician.

Petta | Image: Google

4. Darbar (2020)

Worldwide Gross: ₹250+ crore

Rajinikanth stars as a tough cop who takes on a mission to capture a notorious drug lord, while dealing with personal loss.

Darbar | Image: Google

5. Enthiran (2010)

Worldwide Gross: ₹290+ crore

A sci-fi film about a scientist who creates an advanced humanoid robot that eventually becomes uncontrollable and develops human emotions.

Enthiran | Image: Google

6. Kabali (2016)

Worldwide Gross: ₹650+ crore

Rajinikanth plays a don who returns from prison to take down his enemies and reunite with his family.

Kabali | Image: Google

7. 2.0 (2018)

Worldwide Gross: ₹800+ crore

Rajinikanth reprises his roles as Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti in this sci-fi thriller where they battle a vengeful ornithologist who gains superpowers.

2.0 | Image: Google