7 K Dramas based on true stories

Pratidin Bureau

1. Signal (2018) - Cold Cases Get Hot

Detectives from different timelines connect through a walkie-talkie, reopening unsolved historical crimes. Brace yourself for a thrilling chase for the truth!

Signal | Image: Google

2. Taxi Driver (2021) - Revenge with a Twist

A vigilante taxi company offers a unique service - revenge for those wronged by the law. Inspired by societal grievances, this drama delivers action and social commentary.

Taxi Driver | Image: Google

3. The Empress Ki (2013) - Rise to Power

Witness the captivating journey of a Goryeo woman who becomes a powerful empress in China. Based on historical figures and events, this drama takes you on a royal adventure.

The Empress Ki | Image: Google

4. Move to Heaven (2021) - Uncovering Untold Stories

A heartwarming drama with a unique duo - a trauma cleaner and an ex-convict - who uncover the stories of the deceased. Inspired by a real profession in South Korea.

Move to Heaven | Image: Google

5. Juvenile Justice (2022) - The System on Trial

A tough judge challenges the South Korean juvenile justice system. Inspired by real-life cases, this drama sparks conversations about justice and rehabilitation.

Juvenile Justice | Image: Google

6. Through the Darkness (2022) - Peering into the Mind of Evil

Based on the experiences of South Korea's first criminal profiler, this drama delves into the chilling world of serial killers.

Through the Darkness | Image: Google

7. Queen For Seven Days (2015) - A Tragic Love Story

This historical drama portrays the short-lived reign and heartbreaking love story of Queen Dangyeong. Prepare to be swept away by historical romance and palace intrigue.

Queen For Seven Days | Image: Google